Travels with Wayne Baker

This is an alphabetical collection of stories, anecdotes, and experiences collected over many years of travel. It is not a typical travel guide and should not be treated as such.

All About a Man Who Says Nothing and Does Nothing

This book chronicles my life from birth, July 14, 1948, up to December, 1982. During that time, I attended a small, oneroom, rural schoolhouse for eight years, a large, academic high school for five years, and then two prestigious universities for five more years. While at high school, I especially excelled at sports and academics, winning almost every award possible. I later graduated with an Honours degree in mathematics and chemistry. While studying at Teacher’s College in Ontario, I was hired by an Australian board of education. I moved to that country upon graduation, where I remained for ten years. The book is also full of personal opinions and advice.

Words of Wisdom

This book picks up my personal story in 1982 with my return to Canada, which was meant to be only a visit, but became permanent. After twenty-six years of teaching, almost all of this time at one secondary school, the saga ends with my forced retirement in 2008, at the age of fifty-nine. A third book, in the same vein, is in the planning stages.